Sunday, February 13, 2011

NetBeans 7.0 Beta 1 Certification

Sr. No.Test SpecificationsResult statusBugs Found
1Test suite:
Modules Suite wizard
1.1Invalid suite nameWorking~
1.2Valid suite nameWorking~
1.3Change locationWorking~
1.4Set As Main ProjectWorking~
1.5Change PlatformWorking~
2Test suite:
Module Project Wizard
2.1Invalid module nameWorking~
2.2Valid module nameWorking~
2.3Change locationWorking~
2.4Set As Main ProjectWorking~
2.5Standalone ProjectWorking~
2.6Add to module suiteWorking~
2.7Valid Code Name BaseWorking~
2.8Invalid Code Name BaseWorking~
2.9Module display nameWorking~
2.10Valid localizing bundleWorking~
2.11XML layerBug found">
3Test suite:
Library Wrapper Module Wizard
3.1Invalid library file nameWorking~
3.2Valid library file nameWorking~
3.3Invalid license fileWorking~
3.4Valid license fileWorking~
3.5Name location and Basic module configurationWorking~

Other Bugs found:

1. Install Failure
2. Exception in closing file.

Snapshots enclosed in the pdf attached.
Test Report_12-Dec-2010


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