Saturday, May 7, 2011

Google – A Roadside Chinese Center

You will for sure start rolling on the floor with a great round of laugh after having a look at it & won’t be able stop yourself. But the vendor would be a great fan that he named his Chinese Center after Google since it is the only mean to earn some money for him & his family, even by using the biggest brand name of the world he might be striving to earn a little that may please the hunger of his family & would be praying god for sufficient no. of customers daily, wouldn’t be he?

In the late afternoon of 5th May 2011 around 5 PM (IST), I was roaming around Haldiram’s Day 2 Day outlet near Wardhman Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra (INDIA) while driving I saw something by the side of the road which made me apply sudden breaks, many people behind me started abusing me as I stopped my bike in the middle of the road then I turned back a little to make sure that whatever I saw is true or I was dreaming but it was fact. Some guy dare to start a roadside Chinese Center (in Hindi-India a roadside food joint is called Tapri or Thela) holding the brand name Google. Wow! It’s just awesome! I would like to taste the Chinese food there, it must be very tasty & yummmmm & service must be great just like the Google provides which I unfortunately missed that day since I was in a big hurry.

I couldn’t stop myself taking picture of it & how could I keep to myself as I am also fond of Google & not only me nearly everyone is fond of Google & its best search engine in world & also dreams of working in Google.

I just love the tagline he has used but the spelling of Chinese is wrong but who will dare to tell him as he has already dare to mess with Google itself. But the vendor must be a great fan of Google.

Google – A Roadside Chinese Center

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