Friday, June 17, 2011

Writing Comments in Java

Objective :
  • How to write comments in Java?
  • How to write single line comment in Java?
  • How to write multi line comment in Java?
  • How to write documentation comment in Java?
  • What are the types of comments in Java?

Writing Comments in Java :
  • Comments are the statements which are never executed (i.e. non-executable statements).
  • Comments are often used to add notes between source code so that it becomes easy to understand & explain the function or operation of the corresponding part of source code.
  • Java Compiler doesn’t read comments; comments are simply ignored during compilation.
  • There are 3 types of comments available in Java as follows;
  1. Single Line Comment
  2. Multi Line Comment
  3. Documentation Comment

Single Line Comment :
This comment is used whenever we need to write anything in single line.

Syntax : 
//< write comment here >

Example :
//This is Single Line Comment.

Multi Line Comment :
This type of comments are used whenever we want to write detailed notes (i.e. more than one line or in multiple lines)related to source code.

Syntax :
< write comment here >

Example :  

Documentation Comment :
  • The documentation comment is used commonly to produce the javadoc for the respective program.
  • The javadoc is generally HTML, if used in project it is a set of multiple HTML files describing each java program in the corresponding project.
  • In the documentation comment we can add different notations such as author of the project or program, version, parameters required, information on results in return if any, etc.
  • To add these notations, we have ‘@’ operator.  We just need to write the required notation along with the ‘@’ operator.
  • Some javadoc tags are;
    • @author – To describe the author of the project.
    • @version – To describe the version of the project.
    • @param – To explain the parameters required to perform respective operation.
    • @return – To explain the return type of the project.

Syntax :
*< write comment/description here >

Example :  
*This is Documentation Comment.
*@author Atul Palandurkar
*@version 1.0.0

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